Helping bold entrepreneurs create category leaders.

We help SaaS companies break through key inflection points to $100M ARR.

We invest from Launch to Series B, across Canada, US and Israel.

Compliance Automation

Leaders Fund Initial Investment: Seed

Trust is at the centre of everything we do. Without it, no business can succeed, and to earn it, businesses must prove that they are operating with it. For technology providers, SOC-2, ISO, and HIPPA have become the global certifications by which companies showcase their compliance to earn their customers’ trust. However, compliance is incredibly burdensome, expensive, and distracting for companies to achieve and maintain.  Drata co-founders Adam Markowitz, Troy Markowitz, and Daniel Marashlian set out to help businesses establish trust by achieving and maintaining necessary security certifications (SOC2, ISO, etc.) while dramatically   reducing the effort to reach and maintain compliance. Today, in addition to SOC 2, they support ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA. Since we invested in their Seed round, Drata has raised $325 million, and was most recently valued at $2 billion.

Customer Support AI

Leaders Fund Initial Investment: Seed

After finding themselves consistently underwhelmed with the quality of the customer experience digital brands were offering to them as consumers, co-founders Mike Murchison and David Hariri were curious as to why customer service was suffering. They learned that brands were inundated with inbound customer inquiries and had no way to both scale their businesses and service in a way that satisfied customers. They had the thesis that AI enabled interactions would help brands scale delightful customer experiences. Six years later, they are working with the world’s most innovative companies like Zoom, Meta, Square, and Shopify to help make every customer touchpoint meaningful. We first invested in Ada at the Seed round, and since then, they have raised $190 million, with their last valuation at $1.2 billion.

Cloud Optimization

Leaders Fund Initial Investment: Series A

We first got to know Spot at AWS ReInvent 2017 and were immediately impressed by their drive and vision to change the way that compute in consumed in the cloud. The Co-Founders Amiram and Liran spoke of a world where compute was optimized for companies intelligently, regardless of which cloud provider they were using and whether they were running on VMs, containers, or FaaS. Their flagship product - Elastigroup, delivered a 100% uptime, while achieving savings of 80% on regular cloud computing costs. Their customers include companies like Ticketmaster, Demandbase, and Duolingo which depend on Spot to optimize their cloud costs.

The company was acquired in June 2020 by NetApp for $450M (NASDAQ:NTAP).

Marketing Attribution Software

Leaders Fund Initial Investment: First Institutional Check

We first met founders Andy Powell and Kevin Mann around the same time we launched Leaders Fund. It was clear they had no intention of raising capital then, but what was also clear was that these were two individuals we wanted to work with.  In 2017, after scaling their business rapidly and profitably, they were ready for capital + support. Along with Sageview Capital, we were the first institutional check in CallRail, helping them accelerate their growth and maintain market leadership in the Call Tracking & Marketing Analytics segment.

CallRail’s initial product is Call Tracking, which generates and inputs unique numbers (DNI) to marketing campaigns to help marketers understand who their callers are, why they’re calling, and which action drove that interaction. In addition, their product line includes Form Tracking, Conversation Intelligence, and Lead Center, providing their customers with a more effective marketing platform and a holistic view into the efficacy and success of their marketing spend.

Channel Incentive Management

Leaders Fund Initial Investment: Series A

We first met Founder/CEO - Jason Atkins well before the founding of Leaders Fund. During his time running and selling a marketing agency, he found that many of his clients struggled with their legacy channel marketing and consumer incentive platforms. They didn't provide automation of the programs, fraud detection, analytics, and connectivity between programs. Today, 360Insights enables leading brands to design, build, analyze and optimize their channel incentive programs. They offer the only integrated platform that goes from authorizing transactions to providing channel incentive insights. They're trusted by 350+ global brands and are considered as the leading pure play channel incentive technology company.

What we look for?

World class founding team
Mission critical product
$100M+ ARR potential
Clear positioning and strategy
Fast, efficient growth
Durable competitive advantage

We are a team of operators that have founded, grown and exited multiple technology businesses

Successful exits
in Sales


Many companies will face similar growth challenges scaling to $100M in ARR.  We call these critical moments 'inflection points'. If inflection points are not anticipated and planned for, they can destroy value, limit growth, and stifle build velocity.

Having lived through these inflection points building 9 companies, and supporting our portfolio companies, we are releasing a set of ongoing playbooks to help diagnose and design the path forward:

Delivering the Killer Demo

Close more deals, more consistently.

Building a Sales Machine

Blow past revenue plateaus. Build a sales machine that can scale.

Turn Churn into Expansion

The playbook to ensure your customers are happy and growing with you.

Go to Market Fit

Make the jump from product-market fit to go-to-market fit.

Pricing and Packaging

Dont undercharge for your product. Strategies to get what you deserve.

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