We help bold entrepreneurs build category leaders.

We invest in SaaS companies, helping them anticipate and break through key inflection points on the journey to $100M+ in ARR.

Who you are

Team with domain expertise
B2B software
AI enabled solution
Your customers love you
Fast growth, high efficiency
Raising series Seed/A/B


"As former operators, the Leaders team knows what its like to be in my position. They add value and are there to support me and my team in driving the business forward."
Mike Murchison, CEO of Ada
"Since day-one, the Leaders team has been incredibly valuable. Working closely with them has been instrumental in fueling our growth.”
Adam Markowitz, CEO of Drata
"The entrepreneurial experience and local presence of the Leaders Fund team has helped me navigate through challenges and exceed our goals."
Andy Powell, CEO of CallRail
"Leaders is a hands-on, analytical, and strategic investor. More than anything they are great people to work with, during both great and tough days. I couldn’t have chosen better partners to be on this journey with." 
Amiram Shachar, CEO of Spotinst
"Leaders Fund has been a true partner since the early days of 360. Their  deep experience has added value every step of the way and has scaled with us from a startup into a mature fast growing company."
Jason Atkins, CEO of 360 Insights
"Leaders Fund truly feels like an extension of our team and someone I can count on to gain perspective and strategic insights that help us maneuver successfully."
Dan Holowack, CEO of CrowdRiff

Who we are

Venture capital by operators for operators
Software sales
Successful exits
Cumulative employees hired

Across these companies

David Stein
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Steve DeBacco
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Gideon Hayden
Co-Founder & Partner
Dave MacDonald
Venture Partner
David Kamenetsky
Investment Team
Isabel Hazan
Investment Team
Dara Newton
Ron Binns

 The High Velocity Community

The High Velocity Community is a network of operators who are masters of their trade. Having built businesses to scale, they support our investment activity and provide insights to the companies we work with.
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