A fully managed platform that unifies ML engineering and data operations.

Qwak is solving the challenge of building ML based products at scale. Due to all the disjointed aspects of building, deploying and testing ML models that companies face, it has become difficult to get ML models to production. By automating the key MLOps steps required to deploy and run ML based products at scale, Qwak dramatically increases the output of ML teams without slowing them down, ultimately driving more value to end customers through rapid iteration and more ML based products. World-leading companies like Yotpo, Guesty, Skyline AI and JLL are using Qwak today to scale their ML output, saving them time and from having to build this internally. Leaders Fund led Qwak's $15M Series A announced in February 2022 and continues to work closely with the Qwak team as they scale. You can read more about why we invested here.

Tel Aviv, IL
Machine Learning Ops
First Invested
Series A
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