Data transformation designed specifically for the construction industry.

Toric is a a no-code data platform that helps construction firms aggregate, manage, and visualize their project data, fuelling data-driven decisions that increase the efficiency and profitability of their operations. Bad data has been a major problem for construction firms in ensuring projects remain on-budget, on-timeline, and on track. The challenge with collecting and transforming data is that it comes in from disparate sources like Revit, PowerBI, Dynamo and Excel that do not speak to each other or come together into a single source of truth. Toric is changing that by transforming construction data into a comprehensible, centralized source of truth that stakeholders can see, understand, and take action on to ensure construction projects are meeting requirements. Leaders Fund participated in Toric's Series A, announced in January 2022.

You can read more about why we invested here.

Montreal, Canada
Construction Data Platform
First Invested
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