Concentrated approach.
Operator DNA.
Long-term capital.

How we invest

Concentrated approach: We target three new investments each year, enabling us to work closely with each and every portfolio company we invest in. By taking a more concentrated approach, our CEO's benefit from the full attention and power of the Leaders team.

Operator DNA: Through successfully building and exiting nine companies, our team understands what it means to be an entrepreneur. We have hired for scale, designed and shipped products, developed GTM strategies and rapidly and efficiently grown companies. We draw on these experiences to help you go faster.

Long-term horizon: We take a long term view to value creation, with our investors committed for the long term. Our structure aligns us with our portfolio companies, ensuring decisions are made to the benefit of everyone.  We are focused on compounding value, not pushing entrepreneurs towards a binary outcome.


Launch to Series B


Cloud business software


Canada, US, Israel

Check Size

Up to $20M

What we look for?

Through decades of operating companies, we look for the following in evaluating new investments:

World class founding team

We look for teams that have: 
1) Lived the problem they're solving.
2) Demonstrated ability to recruit A+ talent.
3) Ability to move decisively with focus & speed.

Mission critical product

We look for evidence that the product you have built is mission critical to your customers. This is often evidenced by growing ACV's, high net retention, and active usage of the product.

$100M+ ARR potential

Market must have the potential to be large enough to reasonably sustain a scaling $100M+ ARR company. Founders have the ambition to scale company to this level.

Clear positioning and strategy

Company positioning with prospective/existing customers, employees, and investors is precise, distinct, and to the point. Communication around 'where you play, and where you win' is uniform across all channels.

Fast, efficient growth

Strong focus on unit economics and efficiency metrics to drive decisions within company.

Durable competitive advantage

Early evidence that company is winning deals against incumbents and well funded competitors.
Clear path to accelerate market positioning through venture funding.

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