Top Hat

Dynamic courseware designed to empower and unify educators and students.

Top Hat enables universities, professors and students to learn together in a way that makes sense in the modern world: digitally. With education being a historically lagging industry to adopt technology, Top Hat developed a platform that appeals to the needs of professors and the experience of students. In addition to enhancing communication between professors and students, Top Hat offers a content marketplace that allows teachers to collaborate and publish books on Top Hat's site directly and share their textbooks with students. The education landscape has always been a challenging one to disrupt, but with a long-term vision on the future of education, Top Hat has been relentlessly doing so since its inception in 2012. Leaders Fund invested in Top Hat in its Series C in 2017.

You can read more about why we invested here.

Toronto, Canada
Dynamic Courseware Platform
First Invested
Series C
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