Autonomously reduce cloud computing costs.

We first got to know Spot at AWS ReInvent 2017 and were immediately impressed by their drive and vision to change the way that compute in consumed in the cloud. The founders - Amiram, Liran, and Aharon, spoke of a world where compute was optimized for companies intelligently, regardless of which cloud provider they were using and whether they were running on VMs, containers, or FaaS. Their flagship product - Elastigroup, delivered a 100% uptime, while achieving savings of 80% on regular cloud computing costs. Their customers include companies like ticketmaster, Demandbase, and Duolingo which depend on Spot to optimize their cloud costs.On June 2020, they were acquired by NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP).

You can read more about why we invested here.

Tel Aviv, IL
Cloud Optimization
First Invested
Series A
Acquired by NetApp
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