Put Your Sales Tax on Autopilot

CereTax is an Atlanta based intelligent sales tax automation platform built to support the most complex business requirements. In the U.S., businesses must account for 11,000+ tax jurisdictions across cities, counties, and states. Tax rules are constantly changing, and maintaining compliance is arduous, time-consuming, and expensive.

The co-founders of Ceretax - Mike Sanders and Brent Reeves are no strangers to the tax space. They’ve successfully scaled and sold two tax automation platforms and through this experience, recognized that existing solutions designed for complex industries and large enterprises led to slow performance, frequent downtime, and costly maintenance.  

This insight led to the founding of CereTax, an enterprise-level tax automation platform with best-in-class flexibility, speed, security, and customer support. Today, F500 companies amongst many others depend on CereTax to automate their complex tax requirements.

Our investment philosophy aligns well with the CereTax vision – build a long-term, sustainable enterprise solving a real business problem while providing significant end-user value. We’re looking forward to working with the team as they continue to build a world-class, global, multi-vertical tax automation solution.  

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