Our Investment in Threekit - The Visual Commerce Platform for 3D/AR

We’re excited to announce our investment in Threekit, the visual commerce platform. We led their $35M Series B round, with participation from Service Now and Capgemini, along with returning investors Salesforce Ventures and Shasta Ventures.

Brands see increased urgency to offer 3D/Augmented Reality Product Experiences

There's a massive shift happening in the world of commerce. Shoppers are demanding more engaging and interactive digital product experiences when making decisions—be it in the form of 3D visual configuration, AR or the metaverse—and the brands and manufacturers who provide this experience will capture customer loyalty, increased sales, and market leadership. This offering has moved very quickly from a nice to have to a must-have." Threekit has built it.

With the continued growth in ecommerce, further accelerated by the pandemic, consumer buying has moved online at an unprecedented rate.  Consumer habits and shifted, and we believe they will continue in this direction.

As consumers meet and interact with brands online, they want to richly experience products; the ability to configure, rotate and customize them in 3D. For some product categories, the ability to visualize them at home or at work through Augmented Reality (AR). In the future, in the Metaverse…

For brands to satisfy customer demands, they are trying to bridge the gap between physical and digital product experiences. How do their customers “touch and feel” a product online? How can they enable customization and configuration, given the millions of potential options? How do they ensure the customer’s chosen configuration is achievable?

To solve this challenge for consumers and brands, Threekit has developed a visual commerce platform that allows brands to present rich 3D and AR experiences that are highly configurable and customizable, so customers know exactly what they’re buying.

Visual commerce delivers increased conversions, sales, loyal customers

Now, when looking for furniture, customers can visit Crate and Barrel, Steelcase, or Herman Miller, and design custom furniture from millions of permutations. Every fabric option can be visualized, every allowable configuration examined, with the order generated and the customized product ordered. For customers that want to “see it” in their room before ordering, Augmented Reality provides this option.

For every conceivable product category, from golf clubs to engagement rings, brands are looking to offer this experience for their customers. Brands are benefitting from more frequent visitors, increased sales, and more loyal customers. Customers are getting to visualize and design the personalized products they want, without any surprises.

Threekit has an experienced team bringing this vision to reality

To bring this vision to reality, Threekit is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, working together on their third company (after Big Machines and Steelbrick). They have the combination of skills and experience to build the platform that combines 3D and AR coupled with advanced product configuration capabilities necessary to deliver this solution.

Their relentless focus on customer success is creating customer advocates who are seeing the benefits of Threekit every day.

Published on
November 10, 2021
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