Drata Raises $25M Series A 6 Months After Seed

We’re excited to announce that Leaders Fund portfolio company Drata has raised a $25M Series A led by GGV Capital to continue their mission of building the world leading continuous compliance automation platform. Drata has already helped hundreds of companies automate their SOC 2 compliance process, after recently raising their Seed and launching out of stealth in January, and this will help them scale up faster. 

In a time where the risk of cyber crime is rapidly increasing, companies are making it a top priority to be proactive and consistent with their security practices. Proving that you as a company maintain strong security practices has become a requirement to succeed and do business with others. The typical compliance process requires countless hours of repetitive and mundane effort and with manual compliance interventions, human error consistently proves to be the point of weakness which has allowed for security breaches. Drata’s sharp focus on automation eliminates human error, and ensures that compliance is rapidly achieved and maintained for its customers. 

With this fundraise, Drata’s focus will expand beyond SOC 2 to ISO 27001 and other compliance certifications, accelerating their evolution into a full suite security and compliance platform. They will continue to harness automation to save companies from the operational overhead that security and compliance traditionally demands, while helping them avoid the reputational and financial damage of a preventable security breach.

Essentially, Drata is helping companies keep their data safe, achieve their necessary compliance certifications, and is reducing the effort and stress typically associated with doing so.

Congrats to the whole Drata team on the incredible success they have achieved in such a short period of time, and the velocity with which they are executing.  

We are proud to be able to invest as part of this round and continue supporting the company. 

Published on
June 23, 2021
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