Drata Raises $200M Series C at $2B Valuation

We are thrilled that Leaders Fund portfolio company Drata has raised $200M in a Series C financing, at a $2B valuation led by Iconiq and GGV. As one of the first institutional investors in the company, it is incredible to reflect that Drata only launched their solution 24 months ago, experiencing some of the fastest growth in the history of enterprise software.

The company started with a very simple premise, that all great businesses are built on a foundation of trust. When companies have the trust of their employees, customers and investors, they can grow rapidly and reach great heights. This focus has guided the company, and was a key reason we decided to invest on day 1.

Companies are rapidly standardizing on Drata to help them deliver a secure and trusted experience for their customers. Drata solutions allow their customers to automate adherence to universally accepted compliance frameworks such as SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, so they can operate in a way that reduces risk and enhances the trust of their customers.

Their novel approach to putting compliance on autopilot saves their customers significant time, allowing them to focus on innovation while demonstrating the emphasis they put on building trust.

With their team, expanding platform, DNA of trust, and significant funding, the future looks bright for Drata, and most importantly, the customers they serve.

Published on
December 7, 2022
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