Manifold - Why We Invested

We believe that the way developers build applications is fundamentally changing. Increasingly we see new technologies and architectures like microservices & FaaS that aim to abstract away the hassles of dealing with infrastructure, and help developers focus on what they do best; write code.

At the same time, we are seeing a massive shift from private to public cloud providers, and the consolidation of power within three vendors: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. While these providers are great at managing servers and scaling volume, they often limit developers from using technologies they may want that may be out of those provider’s ecosystems.

Today we announce our Series A investment in Manifold, a company aiming to give developers the freedom to use their favourite cloud services, on any cloud.

Fundamentally, developers should have choice, and ‘live in a world without walls’. Manifold is just our first investment that is trying to solve this problem.

See their blog post here