CallRail - Why We Invested

We first met Andy Powell and Kevin Mann around the same time we launched Leaders Fund. It was clear they had no intention of raising capital then, but what was also clear was that these were two individuals we wanted to build a relationship with. In hindsight, their reticence towards raising equity at the time provided both sides the time and space to build a relationship and get to know one another, which was crucially important to this process.

This is just one reason why we are excited to announce our investment in CallRail, a leading provider of phone call analytics, and to be supporting a world class team building a global tech company here in Atlanta.

CallRail helps companies understand their customers better by assigning a unique tracking phone number to each marketing campaign, allowing companies to track the source of each call and understand which marketing campaigns are driving call volume. Companies are also able to determine the quality of their incoming leads through CallRail’s analytics features, where companies can review call transcriptions, score leads, analyze call volume and more.

With global mobile calls to businesses projected to increase from 86 billion to 170 billion calls by 2020, we believe that it will be evermore critical for companies to understand who their callers are, why they are calling, and the best ways to convert them to customers.

Andy and Kevin have impressively scaled the business to over 65,000 customers, all the while maintaining profitability. We are confident that the management team will continue to build on the strong momentum they have and maintain leadership in this market.

This will be the second deal we’ve done with Sageview Capital, and we’re excited to be partnering with them again on this amazing opportunity.

We expect to tap into our network in the AI community in Toronto, and our collective experiences building and scaling companies to help CallRail become a storied SaaS company.