Category leaders are built by the bold.

To get to your current position, you’ve achieved some unreasonable goals…

-You’ve convinced a team of high performers to join your mission

-You’ve already developed a solution that is markedly better than your competitors

-You’ve convinced a set of visionary customers to take a risk and bet on you

-You have a strategy and plan that will allow you to build to $100M in ARR

We understand and appreciate what you’ve accomplished, having spent the bulk of our careers starting and building software companies.

Building from 0-100M+ in annual revenues... Growing from 100M-2.4B in annual revenues... Taking companies public or selling them to the likes of Salesforce...

Across the eight different companies we’ve built, and the ten companies we’ve invested in, we’ve come to recognize the inflection points that most companies will face, and steps they can take to anticipate and accelerate through these stages.

As such, we bring an operators mindset to our investing approach, so we begin to feel like extended members of your team. Working alongside our portfolio companies as a partner, we offer real-world advice, connections and insight when it matters most. From providing feedback on product design, to recruiting your next sales leader, to refining your pricing and packaging, we are here to help.

Our flexible investment philosophy allows us to align our investment timeline with the entrepreneurs we support. We work with syndicates of investors, and are flexible on the stage we enter an investment and the percentage of ownership we require.

Our approach is simple: Identify and partner with visionary entrepreneurs solving important problems in big markets. Invest our time, talent, and capital to help you break through key inflection points to achieve amazing results for all stakeholders: employees, customers, and shareholders.

If this journey sounds like your journey, we would welcome the opportunity to connect.

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